Abdominal ExerciseQ: I just started week 5 of your ‘Quick Fit System’. I am feeling stronger and healthier than ever before. Thank-you!

My question is about crunches. After a few in the abs workout it feels like I am just moving my head. I continue to try to do them and compress my abs. Any tips? Am I on the right track?

A:  First I want to congratulate you on your achievements with the ‘Quick Fit System’. It sounds like you are getting good results. In regards to your question about how to do crunches correctly, it is crucial with abdominal exercises to have the right form. Typically when doing a crunch you should allow the head to lean against the palm of the hands and try to keep the neck and head as relaxed as possible. The focus should be on contracting your abs.

Stick with the program! It sounds like you are on your way!


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